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A caring father/daughter team committed to clinical excellence and personalized treatment.

As periodontists, we specialize in treating gum disease with conventional and laser periodontal therapy as well as dental implant placement, gum grafting and crown lengthening. We offer all levels of sedation to improve your experience and we are passionate about meeting your goals in a comfortable environment. Every patient is unique and we strive to create comprehensive treatment plans tailored to you. We look forward to meeting with you and working closely with your referring dentist to provide you with cutting-edge, patient-centered care.

185 Cottage Street,
2nd Floor

Portsmouth, NH 03801
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Meet Our Doctors

Drs. Amy and David Rosania combine 30 years’ experience and training in the newest techniques in a caring father/daughter periodontal and implant practice. We ourselves have been patients of many doctors and surgeons over the years. Our experiences have convinced us that proper planning and understanding of treatment before making a final decision and proceeding is crucial. We intend to meet your needs and expectations, and to avoid surprises.

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Seacoast Periodontics & Dental Implants

Our primary goal is to save teeth whenever possible. We provide scaling and root planing, laser and traditional periodontal therapy, crown lengthening, gingival (gum) grafting, and bone grafting. We perform tooth extractions when necessary and place dental implants and utilize bone grafts and sinus lifts as needed. We offer oral and IV sedation for anxious patients.

Our practice incorporates advanced technology to achieve the most precise and effective treatment. We offer cone beam 3D imaging, digital radiography, laser treatment, microsurgery and piezosurgery. These approaches have been validated by rigorous clinical research. But our technology never substitutes for a close interpersonal relationship with you.

The critical components of successful periodontal or implant therapy are a comprehensive diagnosis and an honest assessment of your individual goals. Before starting treatment you should know what to expect during and after treatment. Please click below to learn about your consultation appointment and to read our pre-op and post-op instructions.