Should You Get Crown Lengthening?

Crown Lengthening 

Does a gummy smile have you feeling insecure about your smile? Perhaps a tooth has broken below the gum line, or there is tooth decay. Whatever the case, at Seacoast Periodontics & Dental Implants in Portsmouth, our team wants to help restore the confidence in your smile by offering our patients a crown lengthening procedure Portsmouth

Why Crown Lengthening? 

Crown lengthening is an extremely common procedure, where the gum tissue in your mouth is repositioned to reveal more of your teeth. This method is used to extend the surface volume of your teeth, this procedure allows for your teeth that need to be repaired if they may have been broken off near the gum line or are suffering from decay. This procedure is highly recommended for riding your teeth from the obstruction of your gums from the line of your teeth so your smile can achieve a better balance

Typically during a crown lengthening procedure,  work can be done on one tooth or the neighboring teeth. The time it takes to complete this procedure will usually depend on how many teeth you find need to receive treatment. Our expert team will carefully go over this procedure with you and inform you about what will be the best course of action for you to take. 

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How A Crown Lengthening Is Done

This minor procedure is done using local anesthesia, how long it takes will usually depend on the number of teeth that will need treatment. Because even if only one tooth needs a crown lengthening other neighboring teeth may need to receive the treatment as well so that your tissue will be able to reshape gradually to your new smile. 

Crown lengthening will reposition your gum tissue at a lower level on your tooth, and it will be done so by your periodontist will make cuts that will pull away from the gums from the teeth, this will expose your teeth at the root and surrounding bone enough for your dentist to place a crown. The entire procedure will take about an hour, and is followed up a week later for the removal of sutures. 

Since the procedure uses local anesthesia, most people are able to resume their daily activities within the same day and experience almost no disturbance in their daily routines after a crown lengthening. You will then be required to come back in about six to twelve weeks so your periodontitis can take an impression of your teeth.

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Whether you want to lengthen your crowns for improved esthetics, or to improve the function and hygiene of your teeth, you should see what the confidence of a beautiful smile will do for you. To learn more about crown lengthening and how it can help you, we encourage you to call us here at Seacoast Periodontics & Implants in Portsmouth, NH  to see how we can help your smile. 603-294-0110.

Every patient is unique and we strive to create comprehensive treatment plans tailored to you.

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