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December 3

Root Coverage With Gingival Grafting is More Predictable With Early Intervention

This a routine example of the near-perfect result we can predictably achieve from a tunneling connective tissue graft. Why? Because, as we have stressed before, the patient was referred to us early during the recession process. This meant that the papillae (the triangles of gum tissue between the teeth) had not yet been lost. Once …

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November 26

Bone Grafting to Salvage a Periodontally Diseased Tooth in Portsmouth, NH

As much as we appreciate dental implants to replace missing teeth, we especially love to save natural teeth when possible. Our patient’s bicuspid tooth had severe bone damage due to periodontal disease. Rather than extracting it, we removed the disease-causing bacteria and rebuilt the bone with a bone graft. The tooth now has a good …

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November 20

Pedicle Gingival Graft in Portsmouth, NH

Our patient’s gum tissue was sore and inflamed so he brushed it aggressively hoping to cure it by himself. This made the inflammation worse and eventually caused a callous to form. Using a modified microsurgical grafting procedure (lateral pedicle flap and connective tissue graft), we were able to remove the callous, cover the exposed root, …

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November 14

Root Coverage with a Gum Graft in Portsmouth, NH

Here is another example of tunneling connective tissue grafting. We now take it for granted that we can predictably cover exposed roots and prevent future recession with a minimally invasive, minimally painful procedure. But this was not possible until recently. Less predictable, more painful, and less esthetic procedures are still done, but not by us!

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November 5

Re-establishing Gingival Contours in Portsmouth, NH

In addition to covering exposed roots and preventing future gum recession, tunneling gum grafting re-establishes the natural contour of the gum tissue. Our patient disliked both the exposed roots and the rolled appearance of his gum tissue around his incisors and canine. He was very happy that microsurgical grafting could address both concerns and achieve …

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October 29

Gum Recontouring and Grafting in Portsmouth, NH

Our young patient had a canine tooth that was impacted in her palate. It was surgically uncovered and brought into place with orthodontic treatment. The result was excellent except that the tooth was left with recession and an exposed root. There were also vertical scars in the gum tissue where the surgery had been performed. …

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October 17

Should You Get Crown Lengthening?

Crown Lengthening Does a gummy smile have you feeling insecure about your smile? Perhaps…

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October 15

Why So Many People Are Opting For Dental Implants Over Dentures?

Dealing with loose or missing teeth can lead to a lot of stress and loss of confidence in your smile …

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October 8

Microsurgical Gingival Grafting in Portsmouth, NH

We never get tired of turning back the clock 20 or 30 years for our patients. Here is another example of a microsurgical tunneling gum graft that reversed years of recession and root exposure. Most patients who undergo this procedure have little or no discomfort afterward, and resume their normal schedule at home or work …

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October 1

Gingival Grafting in Portsmouth, NH

Our patient had worn deep notches in his molar and canine roots from overly forceful brushing. Using a minimally invasive tunneling connective tissue graft, we were able to cover the notches and avoid the need for placing white fillings in the roots, which develop stain and need replacement every few 5-10 years for a lifetime.

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