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October 17

GIngival Grafting Next to an Edentulous Space

It is rare that we can achieve significant root coverage with connective tissue grafting when a tooth is missing its neighbor. We and our patient were very happy with this result. But ideally she should have her missing tooth replaced with an implant. This will improve her chewing function and prevent recurrence of recession. Comprehensive …

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October 12

Coverage of Root Caries With a Tunneling Connective Tissue Graft

Our patient had decay starting to enter the exposed root of her molar. We excavated the decay and placed a tunneling connective tissue graft to reverse the recession and cover the root. She avoided a filling, which would need periodic replacement, and prevented further recession. Good as new!

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October 2

Connective Tissue Grafting Prior to Orthodontic Treatment

Teeth with recession and/or weak attached gum tissue may deteriorate if they are moved during orthodontic treatment. After tunneling connective tissue grafting, our patient’s lateral incisor and canine teeth have complete coverage of their roots and a healthy amount of attached gingiva. They will be stable and healthy if she decides to go ahead with …

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September 25

Tunneling Connective Tissue Graft to Eliminate Root Caries and Cover the Exposed Root

Our patient had thermal sensitivity and the beginning of root decay on his bicuspid tooth. Rather than recommending a composite (plastic) filling, which would need periodic replacement, we removed the decay and covered the root with a tunneling connective tissue graft. This will prevent further recession and avoid the need for a filling, which can …

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September 18

Root Coverage for a Maxillary Molar

Our young patient had rapid loss of tissue over her molar root related to aggressive toothbrushing and lack of attached gingiva. Using the tunneling approach to connective tissue grafting, we were able to create the attached tissue that she was missing and to completely cover the exposed root. 

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September 11

Interceptive Gingival Grafting

The majority of health issues are most treatable when caught early. This is true for gingival recession. When recession has only progressed 2-3 mm, as shown here, achieving a perfect result is much more likely. Don’t wait until it hurts!

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August 21

Esthetic Crown Lengthening

Our young adult patient was unhappy about her gummy smile. She had an excessive amount of attached gum tissue which had not receded to its normal level when her teeth erupted (altered passive eruption). After esthetic crown lengthening surgery, she was thrilled with her even more beautiful smile.

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July 24

Tunneling Connective Tissue Graft for 100% Root Coverage

Here is another successful example of root coverage using a tunneling connective tissue graft. When caught early enough this result is very predictable and long-lasting. 

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July 18

Connective Tissue Grafting to Cover a Root Notch

We wish all our patients were as motivated as this young man. But he was so meticulous that he brushed his gum tissue away and carved a notch in his tooth. We were able to cover the notch and replace the missing gum tissue with a tunneling connective tissue graft.

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July 10

Tunneling Gingival Graft of A Canine

Another happy canine tooth after minimally invasive connective tissue grafting.

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June 26

Replacement of a Class V Composite Filling With a Connective Tissue Graft

Our patient was self-conscious about her long canine tooth and eager to avoid ongoing gum recession. We removed the white filling in her root and covered it with a connective tissue graft using the tunneling technique. She can now smile with confidence and know that further loss of tissue is prevented. 

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June 19

Alloderm Grafting

Here is our patient before and after soft tissue grafting with Alloderm, the most predictable alternative to a connective tissue graft from the patient’s palate for root coverage.

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June 13

Complete Root Coverage With a Connective Tissue Graft at the Appropriate Time

When gum recession is intercepted at the appropriate time it is often possible to achieve complete coverage of exposed roots using a connective tissue graft. Our patient was referred when her recession reached 3 millimeters. By not waiting for it to get worse, she allowed us to achieve a perfect result. 

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June 5

Tunneling CT Graft to Cover Gingival Clefts

Our patient had an older type of gum graft (free gingival graft) placed around her lower incisors many years ago. Unfortunately this did not cover the exposed roots of her teeth, and the persistent clefts in the tissue accumulated a lot of plaque. Using a Connective Tissue Tunneling Graft we were able to cover the …

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May 29

Covering a Molar Root with Incipient Decay Using A Tunneling Connective Tissue Graft

It is challenging to cover roots of molar teeth since they are wide. In our patient’s case this was exacerbated by the start of decay in the root. Fortunately we were able to completely cover the root, which eliminated her sensitivity, covered the decay, and eliminated the need for a plastic filling. 

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