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May 22

Full-arch Implant and Hybrid Prosthetics

Our wonderful patient was unhappy with the stability of her upper and lower dentures and wished for teeth that she did not have to remove at night. With careful virtual planning, 3D printed surgical guides for the highest level of accuracy, and a dedicated team, she received nine implants and new upper and lower fixed …

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May 15

Molar Root Coverage With a Connective tissue Graft

Covering an exposed molar root is more predictable if it is done before the entire facial surface has recession. Because our patient was proactive and sought treatment while the recession only involved the anterior half of his root, we were able to achieve an ideal result. 

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May 8

Connective Graft Compared to Class V Composite

Our older patient’s teeth are no longer bright white. But he is nevertheless much happier with the appearance of his canine following a tunneling connective tissue graft as compare to the stained white filling on the bicuspid behind it. Recession is ideally treated by restoring the lost tissue rather than patching the root with a …

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May 1

Root Coverage With a Connective tissue Graft for a Buccally Displaced Mandibular Central Incisor

The ideal treatment for our patient would have been orthodontics to properly align her crowded incisor teeth. She declined to “wear braces” but wanted to prevent further loss of gum tissue and root sensitivity of her lower central incisor. Achieving root coverage when a tooth is out of position is difficult, so we were very …

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April 24

Tunneling Connective Tissue Grafting For Maxillary Central and Lateral Incisors

This young woman was self-conscious about her smile due to her “long front teeth.” After we performed connective tissue grafting for her central and lateral incisors, she declared the appearance of her teeth and gums to be “perfect.” 

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April 17

Complete Root Coverage in an Older Patient

As you can see, our patient’s teeth show some staining due to his age. But he was still very happy to achieve complete root coverage to prevent root decay and to create an ideal esthetic result after connective tissue grafting. 

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April 17

Multiple Teeth Covered by a Large Alloderm Graft

Our patient had a full quadrant of significant gum recession and he wanted to treat the entire area in one visit. We completed his gingival graft with acellular dermal matrix, which avoided multiple treatment visits and repeated harvesting of connective tissue from his palate. Although utilizing the patient’s own gum tissue is the gold standard …

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April 10

Covering Root Abrasion With A Connective Tissue Graft

Some people are so motivated to keep their teeth clean and gums healthy that they scrub their gum tissue away and create notches in their roots. This can become unsightly and very sensitive. Our patient is happy to have his smile back in time for ice cream season. Most importantly, he has corrected his brushing …

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April 3

Gingival Grafting to Facilitate Oral Hygiene

Our patient’s poorly attached gum tissue was so sensitive that she couldn’t bite or brush her teeth. After a connective tissue graft using the minimally invasive tunneling technique, her gum tissue is now stable and resilient. Sometimes grafting is primarily for promoting health rather than coverage of roots. She is so happy that she can …

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March 27

Full-arch Implant Prosthesis

Our patient came to us with eight failing implants, two failed sinus grafts and severe loss of bone and gum tissue in her upper jaw. She was despondent about her situation and we were heartbroken for her. Since further bone augmentation was not a treatment option for her, this was one of the most challenging …

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March 13

Gingival Grafting for a Facially Displaced Canine

Gum recession is exacerbated when a tooth is crowded out of its normal position in the dental arch. This is common for canine teeth and makes grafting and covering the exposed root difficult for these highly important teeth. So we and our patient were very happy with the result we achieved with a tunneling connective …

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March 7

Early Interception of Gingival Recession

Treating gum recession early allows us to achieve predictable results, including complete coverage of exposed roots and increase in the amount of attached tissue to prevent future recession. Our college-age student caught her recession early and consequently had an excellent result.

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February 21

Covering a Crown Margin With a Gingival Connective Tissue Graft

Our patient disliked how long his left central incisor and canine looked when he smiled, and he especially hated the visible margin of his incisor crown. He was thrilled that we were able to correct these problems with a tunneling connective tissue graft and create a healthier, more natural smile. 

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February 14

Connective Tissue Grafting For a Challenging Canine

Some tunnelling connective tissue grafting cases are extremely challenging. Our patient was a very thin young woman who weighed less than 100 pounds. Her tissue was paper-thin, and the risk for surgical problems were high. But after performing many hundreds of grafts over the years, we have been able to reduce the risks even in …

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February 6

Predictable Results With Tunneling Connective Tissue Grafting

Tunneling connective tissue grafting is a challenging procedure, but we routinely achieve results that are esthetically and biologically superior to any other grafting technique. It is worth the extra effort, as this canine shows. 

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