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October 3

Correcting Recession Due to Overbrushing

Happy Tunneling Tuesday! Our young patient had beautiful teeth and gums but had scrubbed the tissue away from her bicuspid tooth. We were able to fully rebuild the site with a tunneling connective tissue graft and she is now much more gentle. Brushing vigorously or more than twice a day does not improve your dental …

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September 26

Covering an Exposed Canine Root With a Tunneling Connective Tissue Gingival Graft

Happy Tunneling Tuesday! Canine teeth bulge out of the dental arch and often lose tissue due to abrasion from food or toothbushing. Consequently they are often candidates for tunneling connective tissue grafting. In this case, we were able to restore ideal coverage of the exposed root resulting in a healthy smile and an excellent long-term …

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September 6

Gingival Grafting to Cover a Molar Root

Covering exposed molar roots with gum tissue is difficult because of their width and undulations. Tunneling connective tissue grafting in a highly compliant patient gives the best chance for the high level of success we were able to achieve here.

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September 4

History of Gum Disease Increases Risk of Cancer in Women

Once again research shows that gum disease increases risk for fatal diseases.https://www.sciencedaily.com/releas…/2017/…/170801090353.htm

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August 29

Curing Gingivitis and Recession With Tunneling Connective Tissue Grafting

Lack of attached gingiva (gum tissue) can lead to inflammation, soreness, and unsightly redness as well as recession. After we performed a tunneling connective tissue graft, the recession and inflammation were both cured. We also eliminated the high pull of the lip muscle (frenum) between the incisors.

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August 26

Gingival Grafting Preserves a Mandibular Canine

Happy Tunneling Tuesday! Lower canines are the most important teeth in the mouth since they stabilize the entire lower arch and guide all chewing motions. We treated our patient with a tunneling subepithelial connective tissue graft and completely covered the exposed canine root. This tooth should now be stable and healthy for decades.

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August 26

Periodontal Disease Increases the Risk for Alzheimer’s Disease

Treating periodontal disease will save your teeth and perhaps your mind. Long-Term Gum Disease Tied to Alzheimer’s Chronic gum inflammation, known as periodontitis, is associated with an increased risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease, researchers from Taiwan report. Chronic periodontitis, a leading cause of tooth loss, is also associated with increases in… NEWSMAX.COM

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August 8

Periodontal Disease and Cancer

Periodontal disease is linked to increased cancer risk. So preventing and treating gums disease may not just save your teeth but also save your life.http://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/883628… Gum Disease and Increased Link to Many Cancers Periodontal disease history was associated with a significantly increased risk for cancer overall, as well as several site-specific cancers, including gallbladder cancer. …

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August 3

Pregnancy and Periodontal Disease

Pregnant women with untreated gum disease are at increased risk of complications with their pregnancy and their baby. Not to mention losing teeth.https://www.perio.org/consumer/AAP_EFP_Pregnancy Expectant Mothers’ Periodontal Health Vital To Health Of Her Baby | Perio.org When a woman becomes pregnant, she knows it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle to ensure… PERIO.ORG

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July 25

Gum Grafting to Cover an Exposed Canine Root

Happy Tunneling Tuesday! Here is another example of a canine that we restored to health with a tunneling connective tissue graft. We are always gratified to both improve a patient’s smile and preserve canines, which are the most important teeth in the mouth.

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July 20

In Support of Fluoridation

Fluoridating our water supply has been one of the safest, most beneficial public health programs in human history. We stand with our general dentist colleagues in promoting its continued use.supply.http://calgaryherald.com/…/years-after-calgary-dumped-fluor… Years after Calgary dumped fluoride, schools and dentists ramp up efforts to battle cavities Concerned about the rising incidence of tooth decay since fluoride was …

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July 19

Restoring a Smile With Connective Tissue Gingival Grafting

Our patient had a choice between composite (white) fillings or tunneling connective tissue grafting to cover his exposed, stained roots. He chose grafting to avoid overly long-looking teeth, and to prevent further recession and the need to replace the white fillings in the future. His right canine and incisors now look like they did when …

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July 12

Gingival Grafting for a Canine

Canine teeth are essential for guiding our chewing function and they need healthy gum and bone tissue to remain stable. Notice the increase in gum height and thickness after connective tissue grafting, protecting our patient’s canine for the future.

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June 27

Gum Grafting Can Replace White Fillings to Re-Create Proper Tooth Length

White fillings are a quick and cheap approach to treating a receding gumline. But they do not prevent further recession and they make the tooth look too long. We removed our patient’s white filling and placed a tunneling connective tissue graft, restoring her beautiful smile and stabilizing the gum tissue for the future.

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June 19

Molar Root Coverage With A Connective Tissue Gingival Graft

Covering an exposed molar root with a connective tissue graft is challenging due to the width of the root. Our patient was thrilled that we were able to achieve 100% coverage of her tooth and that her sensitivity is gone.

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