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June 13

Gum Grafting to Cover an Exposed Root

Here is another example of a young patient who felt self-conscious smiling because her bicuspid tooth looked too long. Following tunneling connective tissue grafting, her smile is now symmetric and future recession has been prevented.

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June 7

Replacing an Unattractive Filling With a Gingival (Gum) Graft

Our patient was unhappy with the appearance of her white filling, which made her tooth look too long. We removed the filling and placed a connective tissue graft to cover the roots of all three teeth in the area. In addition to improving her smile, this procedure will prevent any further recession.

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May 22

The Perio Perspective

The Perio Perspective Spring 2017 Your Choice Clear Choice is coming to Woburn. The “teeth-in-a-day” implant franchise that has been hugely successful and profitable across the country is expanding into New England. Expect to see advertising extending from the Boston market to our region. In fact, as I am writing this, there is a Clear …

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May 18

Root Coverage Via Frenectomy and Gum Grafting

Sometimes the frenum, which connects the lower lip to the gum tissue, attaches too high and causes gum recession. For our patient, we placed a connective tissue graft and simultaneously repositioned the frenum in a lower position to avoid further recession and cover the exposed root with new, healthy gum tissue.

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May 4

Gingival Grafting With the Tunneling Connective Tissue Graft Can Cover Exposed Crown Margins

Covering an exposed root and crown margin is very challenging. Of all the treatment options, the tunneling connective tissue graft gives the best chance of success. After this procedure, our patient’s crown and gumline have been restored to ideal appearance and health.

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April 28

Rejuvenating Gum Tissue With Gingival Grafting

Happy Tunneling Tuesday! Check out our case below demonstrating 100% root coverage and a highly esthetic result. In addition to covering roots, connective tissue grafting thickens the gingiva, resulting in a lower risk of future gum recession than other techniques.

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April 14

Another Beautiful Smile Restored by Gingival Grafting

The tunneling technique for gingival grafting provides highly esthetic root coverage and augmentation of receded gum tissue. Our patient’s smile looks natural, with no scars or pink patches of gum tissue which would have resulted from older techniques such as a free gingival graft. Boost Post

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April 11

Periodontal Disease Is Linked to Risk of Death

Postmenopausal women who have periodontal disease or who lose all their teeth die younger.http://www.dentistrytoday.com/…/1831-gum-disease-increases-… Gum Disease Increases Risk of Death for Postmenopausal Women Gum disease and tooth loss may be associated with a higher risk of death in postmenopausal… DENTISTRYTODAY.COM

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April 8

Saving a Canine Tooth With a Gum Graft

Canine teeth are critical for keeping our entire dentition stable. They often experience recession due to aggressive toothbrushing because they are prominent. In this case we were able to completely cover the root of both the canine and the tooth behind it. Both teeth now have an excellent prognosis. Canine teeth are critical for keeping …

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April 8

Rejuvenating a Smile With Gum Grafting

After completing her connective tissue graft with us, this woman’s friends told her she looked years younger and asked what had changed. As you can see, it was her smile.

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April 7

Restoring Lost Gum Tissue and a Missing Tooth With Gingival Grafting and an Implant

Our patient started with a missing tooth and severe gum recession in her upper premolar area. We treated her with a gum graft on the premolar tooth and an implant for the space behind it. Her restorative dentist placed a beautiful crown, which enhanced the profile of the soft tissue and provided a natural, youthful …

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March 24

Seacoast Dental Hygiene Study Club

Seacoast Periodontics and Dental Implants Published by Amy Rosania Rodriguez · Yesterday at 7:59am ·  We had a terrific meeting with the Seacoast Hygiene Study Club last night. We discussed indications and techniques for gingival grafting. Thanks to all who attended!

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March 13

Periodontal Disease Increases Risk of Developing Diabetes, and Vice Versa


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March 9

New Website!

Our website just got a facelift! Visit www.rosaniadmd.com to check it out.

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February 17

Dental Implants Can Develop Periodontal Disease

If you have one or more dental implants, they require as much or more preventive maintenance than natural teeth. Protect your investment and see your dentist regularly.https://www.perio.org/consumer/peri-implant-disease Peri-implant Diseases | Perio.org Peri-implant diseases are inflammatory conditions affecting the soft and hard gum tissues around dental implants. PERIO.ORG

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