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July 2

Root Coverage for a Molar Tooth in Portsmouth , NH

Since molars are wide, covering their roots is challenging. The best long-term results are achieved using a microsurgical technique which causes minimal discomfort and trauma to the tissue. Our patient was happy that we were able totally cover her exposed root and eliminate her sensitivity.

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June 28

Bone Grafting to Salvage a Tooth in Portsmouth NH

             How hard should we fight to save a tooth? The answer depends on several factors. There is no definitive set of research to guide us in each specific case, but clinical research and experience certainly help shape our decisions. In today’s case, the periodontal defect around #28 jeopardized the …

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June 25

Root Coverage of a Canine With a Connective Tissue Graft

The ideal position of the gumline around upper canine teeth is slightly higher than the teeth on either side of them. Our patient was very happy that we could re-establish a perfect appearance with a microsurgical grafting procedure. He promised to be more gentle with his toothbrush in the future.

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June 18

Covering Stained Roots With a Gum Graft in Portsmouth, NH

When gum tissue recedes, the exposed roots are at risk for stain and decay since they have no enamel. Stain is unsightly, but decayed roots can cause loss of the teeth. Our patient loved her new smile following tunneling grafting to cover her brown roots. And we loved eliminating the risk of tooth loss due …

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June 13

Trust and Dental Treatment

The Perio Perspective Spring 2019 Trust but verify. (Old Russian proverb. Reagan doctrine.) Our world is built on trust. All of it. Consider the dollar bill. It is a green piece of paper. But because we all trust that it has value, we can have a world economy. Credit cards, which are just pieces of …

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June 11

Root Coverage via Early Gum Grafting in Portsmouth, NH

All problems are more easily corrected when intercepted early. For gum recession, once more than 3 mm of tissue is lost, treatment becomes more challenging. Our patients greatly appreciate general and restorative dentists who refer them to us at the appropriate time. In this case, referral at the critical 3mm point allowed us to achieve …

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June 4

Bone Regeneration after Conservative Periodontal Surgery in Portsmouth, NH

The signature of periodontal disease is loss of the bone that holds our teeth in place. Using a conservative surgical technique, it is possible to remove the bacteria that causes bone damage and allow the body to heal itself. When patients care for the surgical site properly, as our patient did in this case, the …

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May 28

Sealing a Gingival Cleft via Microsurgical Grafting in Portsmouth NH

If you look closely at the photo on the left you will see a fissure extending from our patient’s gumline all the way through her attached gum tissue for almost 1/2 inch (8 mm). These clefts allow bacteria to enter the gum tissue and cause bone damage and gum infections. Using a microsurgical tunneling graft …

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May 21

Root Coverage With A Microsurgical Gingival Graft Despite Lack of Papillae (Black Triangles) in Portsmouth, NH

When gum recession occurs there is often loss of the triangle of gum tissue (papilla) that normally fills the space between teeth, leaving “black triangles” as you can see in our patient. This makes covering the exposed roots with a gum graft very challenging. We use a microsurgical “tunneling” technique, which research has repeatedly shown …

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May 16

Esthetic Crown Lengthening in Portsmouth, NH

There are several indications for crown lengthening surgery: gaining access to subgingival margins, increasing tooth structure for improved retention, avoiding biologic width violation, and improving esthetics. Today’s case was primarily driven by esthetics. Our goal was to create ideal gingival contours, with #8 and 9 symmetric with each other and with #6 and 11. The …

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May 15

Cosmetic Makeover with Esthetic Crown Lengthening in Portsmouth, NH

Our patient’s four incisor teeth were severely broken down and stained. She could not bite into food and was humiliated by her smile. We have previously shown her progress after we completed crown lengthening surgery to correct the position and contour of her gum tissue. Here she is with her final crowns. She is elated …

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May 7

Implants and Teeth In A Day in Portsmouth, NH

Our patient walked in at 8:00 a.m. with a mouthful of decayed, broken, and painful teeth as can be seen in the first photo and panoramic x-ray. He walked out at noon with a beautiful upper denture and lower prosthesis permanently attached to six lower implants, as you can see in the second photo and …

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April 30

Gingival Grafting and Internal Frenectomy in Portsmouth, NH

Sometimes a muscle attachment (frenum) can contribute to gum recession, as it did with our patient. This stringlike attachment can be repositioned farther from the tooth as part of a mini-surgical grafting technique. This allowed for complete coverage of the exposed root and prevention of future recession.

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April 23

Root Coverage Via Gingival Grafting at Seacoast Periodontics and Dental Implants in Portsmouth, NH

Once again we have an example of a canine tooth with gum recession and early abrasion of the exposed root. Using a microsurgical tunneling graft, we were able to cover the root and improve the thickness and strength of the gum tissue. Better than new!

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April 16

Dentistry and Your Smile

Think about the Mona Lisa. As the most famous painting in the world – currently worth an estimated $800 million dollars – it has triggered centuries of analysis. Perhaps the most common question that typical viewers ask is “Why does she have that cryptic smile?” Maybe she had a secret. Maybe that was the easiest …

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