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April 16

Dental Implants and Teeth in a Day in Portsmouth, NH

Our patient had a terminal dentition, which means that all his teeth were decayed, infected, or missing. In one visit, we removed the remaining unhealthy teeth, fitted him with an upper denture, and placed six lower implants which supported a non-removable prosthesis. His general dentist and our dental laboratory came to our office to participate. …

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April 9

Gum Lift Esthetic Crown Lengthening Surgery in Portsmouth, NH

Our patient had severe breakdown of her four upper incisor teeth and a gummy smile. We uncovered more tooth structure and re-established ideal gingival contours using esthetic crown lengthening (gum lift) surgery. Then her restorative dentist placed the beautiful temporary crowns that you see here. She is so happy with her new smile. We are …

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April 2

Reversing Orthodontically-Induced Recession With A Connective Tissue Graft in Portsmouth, NH

Our patient’s molar had lost its attached gum tissue during orthodontic treatment. His orthodontist astutely referred him promptly so that we could restore the attachment and cover the exposed root. When intercepted early, these problems are usually reversible using microsurgical grafting techniques.

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March 26

Reconstruction of Attached Gingiva and Crown Proportions of Maxillary Canines in Portsmouth, NH

Our patient had lost her attached gum tissue on both upper canine teeth due to a combination of overbrushing and prominent roots. The normal length of upper canine teeth should be equal to the central incisor teeth. Using a microsurgical grafting procedure, we were able to restore the attached gum tissue and recreate the proper …

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March 19

Tunneling Gingival Graft to Cover Canine Eminence in Portsmouth, NH

Canine teeth often have a prominence that bulges toward the cheek and increases the odds for gum recession due to chewing and toothbrushing. For our patient, a tunneling connective tissue graft covered the canine and its adjacent bicuspid. There is now thick, healthy tissue over the prominence to prevent relapse of recession.

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March 19

Free Gingival Graft in Portsmouth, NH

     We treat the vast majority of cases of gingival recession and inadequate attached gingiva with a Subepithelial Connective Tissue Graft (SECTG). This microsurgical technique is very demanding but it yields the most predictable long-term increases in both attached gingiva and root coverage. These results have been validated by decades of clinical research. In …

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March 12

Eliminating Root Decay and Recession Via Tunneling Gum Grafting in Portsmouth, NH

Our patient had early decay of her bicuspid and molar. In the past these would have been treated with plastic (composite) fillings. The result was usually continued recession, new decay, and a cycle of repeated fillings. This often leads to eventual root canal problems or loss of the teeth. Using a microsurgical tunneling/grafting technique, we …

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March 5

Recreating a Perfect Smile in Portsmouth, NH

One of our goals is to restore our patients to the youthful health and appearance they began with early in their lives. In cases of gum recession, this can be achieved using microsurgical grafting procedures like the tunneling connective tissue graft. Our patient was amazed at how little discomfort he had after the procedure, and …

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February 26

Tunneling Connective Tissue Graft and Internal Frenectomy in Portsmouth, NH

Our patient’s recession on his bicuspid tooth was due to a combination of overbrushing and pulling from an attachment to his lip (frenum). Using a microsurgical tunneling connective tissue graft, we were able to rebuild his gum tissue and cover the exposed root while simultaneously repositioning the frenum to its proper location. This avoided the …

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February 19

Frenectomy and Gingival Graft to Cover a Lower Incisor Root in Portsmouth NH

Covering an exposed lower incisor root can be challenging due to the pulling force of the attachment to the lower lip (frenum). In this case, we reduced the pull of the attachment as part of our grafting procedure and the result was coverage of the entire root.

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February 12

Gum Grafting to Improve Hygiene and Esthetics in Portsmouth NH

Gum recession often causes sensitivity of the exposed root, but less often causes sensitivity of the tissue, which makes brushing painful. This leads to more gum recession and tenderness due to plaque buildup. Our patient was only able to properly clean her canine tooth after we performed a tunneling connective tissue graft. And she was …

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February 11

Dental Implants and the Need for Fully Guided Placement in Portsmouth NH

   Implant therapy has come a long way since the early days. The results we can achieve are close to miraculous. We are able to give patients their teeth back, with comfortable, functional, and esthetic results. This has only been possible for 30 years of the 200,000 that we have been a species! But as …

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February 5

Root Coverage With a Gingival Connective Tissue Graft in Portsmouth NH

Our patient is planning to have a cosmetic makeover to improve the color and shape of her anterior teeth. To repair the recession and prevent relapse once her veneers have been placed, we performed a connective tissue graft using the tunneling technique. She is already much happier with her smile. Happy Tunneling Tuesday!

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January 29

Root Coverage With a Tunneling Connective Tissue Graft

Happy Tunneling Tuesday! You can see the notches our patient wore into her roots from horizontal scrubbing with her toothbrush. She has switched to an electric toothbrush with a pressure sensor, and we were able to cover her exposed roots and reverse her gum recession with a tunneling connective tissue graft. Good as new!

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January 22

Root Coverage and Esthetic Crown in Portsmouth NH

Our patient had dramatic recession involving her canine and bicuspid teeth and an unsightly exposed crown margin and white patchwork filling on her bicuspid. We covered both roots with a tunneling connective tissue graft and her restorative dentist placed a beautiful new crown on her bicuspid. She was thrilled and so were we. 

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