Sinus Lift Surgery and Dental Implants

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Perhaps you are missing some or all of your upper back teeth and would like to replace them with dental implants. But in many instances the sinuses interfere with implant placement.  This requires adding bone in the sinus region before implants are placed. The procedure for adding bone is called a sinus lift. 
In Portsmouth and the New Hampshire/Maine seacoast, the sinus lift has traditionally been done under intravenous sedation, increasing treatment cost. As periodontists trained in delicate handling of gum tissue and bone, we are able to perform the procedure using a tissue-sparing technique with a piezotome. This significantly reduces post-operative discomfort and often eliminates the need for IV sedation. The result is lower cost and few or no days of missed work. We have posted an example of a sinus lift procedure on our Seacoast Periodontics and Dental Implants page on Facebook.