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Video Consultation

The growing spread of COVID-19 (the coronavirus) is impacting virtually every aspect of our lives. In
order to mitigate the effects of this global pandemic on our health and well-being, we at Seacoast
Periodontics & Dental Implants are offering a complimentary video consultation for all our patients
who seek dental implants and periodontal treatments.

Drs. David and Amy Rosania from Seacoast Periodontics understand the urgency of situations where
patients are unable to visit the dental office for a consultation, especially amid the coronavirus
outbreak. Therefore, we offer a complimentary video consultation. During this online consultation,
our dental professionals will evaluate whether you’re the right candidate for dental implants or
periodontal therapy and accordingly recommend to you the most suitable service. We will also answer
all the questions you may have regarding a given procedure, as we want you to be 100% satisfied
before undergoing any type of treatment.

David and Amy Rosania, a father-daughter duo, have a combined 30 years of experience in dental
implants and periodontics. They use revolutionary technology for their services, including cone beam
3D imaging (which provides a full, 360-degree view of teeth), implant planning software, and digital
radiography. Dr. Rosania has performed over 20,000 periodontal surgical procedures.

How to join a meeting?

Our video consultation system is hassle-free and very easy to use. We use Zoom, one of the leading video conferencing solutions, to connect with our patients. This service offers a high-quality video in low-bandwidth environments as well. You can join a video meeting with our dentists on your mobile phones or a computer. However, a computer is a better option as you’d be able to share a screen.

There are a couple of ways to join a meeting.

Email invitation - We will send you an email invitation to join a meeting.
Open your email and click on the “join the meeting” link and you’ll be prompted to either download or launch Zoom.

After launching, if you see a message “waiting for the host to start this meeting,” then this means the host has not started the meeting on their site yet. While you’re waiting for a meeting, you can test your computer audio or set a virtual background for your video.

Form To Contact Call Center & Get Email With Link Direct meeting via Zoom application -
The second option for joining a meeting is directly through the Zoom application.

For this, you need to download the Zoom application on your mobile phone or computer. To join a meeting via the Zoom application, you require a patient ID, which we will provide you.

Video Consultation

One-Minute Video Introductions


To take advantage of our free dental implants and periodontal treatment online consultation today, call us at - (603) 294-0110.

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